Welcome to the LotusCyclingClub.com

We look forward to seeing everyone soon at our 2018 Season Launch.  We are working hard to get as many details sorted out for the upcoming season with a few highlights including:


Feb 6th - early bird registration until Mar 10th
Feb 20th - Comor wine and cheese night and intro to castelli kit (try ons)
April 18th - Launch party/meet the sponsors
April 25th - first training session
May 5th - first group ride

Our amazing sponsors

  • West 4th physiotherapy 
  • Raymar
  • Paladin Technologies
  • Comor
  • PBX
  • PHL
  • Stongs
  • Michal Gook

And more awesome service sponsors

  • West 4th physio
  • Comor
  • Be fresh- 10% off
  • Vancouver brewery tours -30% off brew tours
  • Biercraft- 10% off food and $4 beers (wed nights)
  • New district 5% off in store and 10% off online orders (no shipping) over $75 (will have an edu session)
  • Westbrook Community Center
  • Bomber beer 15% off via tasting room
Saeed Hamid