Upcoming Events


Wednesday Training

Each Wednesday Lotus riders will ride out of The Westbrook Community Centre at 6:30pm sharp. Lotus workouts will evolve from long and moderate efforts to shorter harder efforts as the season progresses. Riders will begin with endurance intervals building aerobic oxygen rich fitness and the ability to ensure longer efforts. Topics to be discussed and practiced are springing, accelerating, bridging gaps and attacking for some. For others we will discuss clipping in, climbing, cornering and pacing. The Lotus Training Plan is structured such that Wednesday evenings are about training your body to become a fitter and faster cyclist!

Saturday Group Rides

Saturday morning group rides start at Be Fresh market on West 1st at Cypress at 8:30 am sharp.  Be Fresh proudly supports our team, and opens at 8am which provides the option for our members to arrive a little bit earlier for a complimentary coffee and to pick up some important ride fuel at 10% off before we set off at 8:30 am. We have rider categories for every level: recreational, intermediate and advance/racers.

While the primary focus of our Wednesday night training is to improve our fitness development, our Saturday rides are all about group riding skills and etiquette. We want the focus through the season for our group riding to be on pace-lining, keeping tight, maintaining and even speed, taking turns pulling - and no hammering off the front. This sport is all about team work and why you join the club!

Summer 2019 Training Plan

Brite Coaching is very pleased to be the official coaches for Lotus Cycling Club in 2019. The role of Brite Coaching is to structure weekly training rides on Wednesday evenings and hone the bike skills of riders from beginner to advanced. Christine Fletcher and her team of professional coaches share their expertise with Lotus riders through specific progressive training sessions.  Throughout the season members will learn how to train properly for key events, pacing strategies, safety cues and what it means to ride with a group. We promise to show up ready and expect the same of you!