About Us

The Lotus Cycling Club is a Vancouver-based road cycling club that promotes the fun and healthy sport of cycling through events such as group rides, training, bike mechanics, educational workshops, and cause-oriented fundraisers. We welcome all levels of riders, from beginners to racers, and 2019 marks our 5th year!


Having a place to congregate is important and we have found a facility to call home, Westbrook Community Center.  Westbrook is a gorgeous new space in Westbrook Mall and we are excited to offer the Lotus Cycling team access to the facility, lockers, showers, meeting spaces, and more.  There is also parking underground for those that may want to drive to training


Wednesday Training

Each Wednesday Lotus riders will ride out of The Westbrook Community Centre at 6:30pm sharp. Lotus workouts will evolve from long and moderate efforts to shorter harder efforts as the season progresses. Riders will begin with endurance intervals building aerobic oxygen rich fitness and the ability to ensure longer efforts. Topics to be discussed and practiced are springing, accelerating, bridging gaps and attacking for some. For others we will discuss clipping in, climbing, cornering and pacing. The Lotus Training Plan is structured such that Wednesday evenings are about training your body to become a fitter and faster cyclist!

Our Post-ride Social

Lotus is all about 'train hard play hard'! After our intense training sessions on Wednesdays we will end at the newly renovated Castaways on 4th at Blenheim who offers Lotus a secure place to park our bikes, plus discounts on food and happy hour pricing for our team.

Saturday Group Rides

Saturday morning group rides start at Be Fresh market on West 1st at Cypress at 8:30 am sharp.  Be Fresh proudly supports our team, and opens at 8am which provides the option for our members to arrive a little bit earlier to take advantage of their Lotus deal - Erin Ireland’s delish peanut butter and coconut Powerballs! 2 for $3 for Lotus and stamp your coffee card (if you buy 9 coffees you receive one for free) before we set off at 8:30 am. We have rider categories for every level: recreational, intermediate and advance/racers.

While the primary focus of our Wednesday night training is to improve our fitness development, our Saturday rides are all about group riding skills and etiquette. We want the focus through the season for our group riding to be on pace-lining, keeping tight, maintaining and even speed, taking turns pulling - and no hammering off the front. This sport is all about team work and why you join the club!

Our Coaches

Lotus Cycling is very proud to offer our members coaching with Brite Coaching at no additional cost to you! The role of Brite Coaching is to structure weekly training rides on Wednesday evenings and hone the bikes skills of riders from beginner to advanced. Christine and her team of stellar coaches are bringing their expertise to your Wednesday evening. Other celebrity coaches will be joining throughout the season to add new elements of training - tactical, safety or physiological. We promise to show up ready and expect the same of you!


Code of Conduct

The Lotus Cycling Club strives to promote a safe and enjoyable cycling environment for all its members. All Lotus Cycling members are to take responsibility to achieve this goal, therefore, as a member of the team you are expected to comply with our code of conduct.