Lotus training & clinics

Lotus Cycling formally plans two weekly rides for members – Wednesday Evening Training Sessions and Saturday Group Rides.

Wednesday Evening Training Sessions are interval-based sessions focused on higher intensity efforts for advanced riders and skill development (and adapted intervals) for beginner riders.  Brite Coaching leads and coaches us through the Wednesday workouts. We depart from UBC’s Westbrook Community Centre at 6:30p.m. sharp. Come warmed up and ready to work!

Saturday Group Rides are longer endurance sessions on a variety of routes and meeting locations throughout the summer. Each ride has a ride leader complete with a Strava route map. Our objective is to ride collectively however at times we separate and regroup at key gathering locations. Location and route specifics will be updated on the calendar.  Our goal is to ensure our group rides and safe and fun! 

Monthly Clinics are geared for the newer rider seeking to improve bike handling, pacing, and navigating the roads with confidence and empowerment. We encourage anyone looking to improve their cycling skills to attend these clinics. Four clinics will be held for the 2018 season.

Clinic Dates:

Wednesday, May 16th – BEGINNERS CLINIC

If you are new to cycling and want to learn the basics of safety, gearing, handling, equipment and position, this is the session for you. Riders will stay together and work on drills in a parking lot at UBC. This clinic will empower you to join other riders for rides or simply head out on your own with the know-how to ride safely and get the most out of your passion for this sport.

Wednesday, June 13th – HOW TO USE YOUR GEARS & PACE EFFORT

It’s mid June and you have developed some fitness this spring. It’s now time to learn how to optimize your gearing and pace your efforts for endurance cycling.  Learning how to spin your legs vs mash your pedals will save you in the long haul. It comes down to gearing and effort management. Come learns the nuances that help seasoned cyclists excel in long events and training rides. This knowledge will take your cycling skill to the next level. Please come with your bike tuned up and ALL your gears working.


Riding in a straight line is easy. As soon as the road winds right or left the body must adjust and re-center its weight over the bike.  If the camber in the road changes the body must also adjust its center of gravity. Then add a descent and higher speed and you are hunting for the brakes. It doesn’t have to be a fear you adapt to. Let us show you a few tips and cues to be “at one” with your bike and navigate the twists and turns with some speed for extra challenge. The more confident a rider you are on any road, the safe you will be to yourself, others and to vehicles.

Wednesday, August 22nd – HOW TO RIDE IN A GROUP      

With fitness in place and some opportunities to ride close to others, come learn how to really get close to other riders while being safe, communicative and strategic about group riding and pace line work. Pace lining can be done in a few different formats depending on the size of the group, the wind, the space available to riders and the goals of the pace line. Communication and team work is crucial to a pace line…you need lungs! If you would like to be a more aggressive rider and enjoy the benefits and camaraderie of group riding, this is the clinic for you!

Rachelle Grace