Let's talk about pace lining!

First riders of the train responsibility

1) Point things out well in advance if possible

2) Pick the safest line for the group

3) Hold the pace from being the 2nd rider to the lead rider.

· Once you are not able to hold the pace flick the elbow. When you flick with the right elbow it means you are pulling off the left

2nd rider

1)  hold the wheel of the 1st rider

           -once you are not able to please advise the lead rider to slow up if there becomes a gap.

Other riders in the train

1) It is each riders responsibility to make sure they have a rider behind them but it is also the rider behind that needs to speak up if they can’t hold on or are having bike issues.

A big thanks to Shane for sending Lotus these great reminders about group riding!

Rachelle Grace