What you need to know about this May 16th!

Lots happening this Wednesday training night so make sure you are prepared! The clinic is mandatory for all new Lotus members, and also open to any returning Lotus members that want to learn more on skills and safety.

We have 2 guests coming to meet you, so be sure to plan to stay post training at Wesbrook Community center! Lotus is very excited to have Marc Campbell the event director from the Fraser Valley fondo out to ride with us and chat about this exciting fondo post training. You are also going to meet Gina Grain who is going to chat with Lotus about the importance of strength training in combination with your cycling program. More about Gina....

Gina is a Certified Speed and Agility Coach that trains athletes out of Level 10 Fitness www.level10fitness.com in North Vancouver. 

Gina’s resume on the bike includes:

  • 2008 Canadian Olympian
  • 2006 Silver World Championship Medallist
  • 2004 US Pro Tour Champion
  • 2004- Ranked #1 Scratch Race Cyclist in the World Rankings
  • 7x Canadian National Champion

Prior to any training, be it strength or aerobic conditioning, an athlete will be limited if their body is restricted in range of motion or lack of mobility. Mobility is the foundation of movement, power access, endurance and postural integrity. As athletes age the first thing we tend to loose is our mobility at the joint. When our body is freed from the “stickiness” of fascia tension or joint capsule restriction, we can access more power and ultimately more range in our ability for movement.  Understand how to unlock and unleash your movement is critical for enjoyment and performance gains. As Gina says, mobility prevents us from leaking power hence leaking speed.


Rachelle Grace