Must bring items for every road ride


Basic check list:

Tube(s) & Inflation

One is really no good without the other, so remember to take at least one tube and a pump with you. A small CO2 cartridge-style pump and tube usually fit within the bag, but if you plan on packing additional cartridges and rubber protection, a jersey pocket works just fine for your air-inflator.

Tire levers

Yes, we believe you’re tough enough to get your tires off without them, but levers hardly take up any room and make the job of changing out a tube that much easier.

Multi-tool (with chain breaker)

A well-designed multi-tool stands in as the cyclist’s utility knife, covering the most common bolt sizes on your bike for minor roadside adjustments. Complete with several screwdrivers, a chain breaker, and other ride-saving bits, the multi-tool really is a foldable lifesaver that should always accompany you on your rides.

Patch kit

Remember that just because you have a tube or two, you’re never invincible out on the open road. Someone on a group ride will be forever grateful for your preparedness, and a three-flat-ride isn’t all that rare. Plus, knowing you’re ready for the worst means your adventurous spirit might take over, leading you down some new roads that would have otherwise been avoided.

Identification, cash and/or credit card

Along with a stash of cash or your cc, it’s always a good idea to include an identification card in your bag. This card should list your name, emergency contact information, and any other pertinent information that will help others get you the necessary care in the event of an accident.


Make sure you have enough food to fuel your ride or, if you’re on a long ride where you’ll need more food than you can carry, enough food to see you to your first planned refuelling stop or feed station with an hour’s extra on top in case of problems. Even if you’re just out for a short session, it’s advisable to have an emergency gel in your pocket just in case you’ve misjudged the route, have a mechanical problem that takes a long time to fix or haven’t taken in enough fuel before the ride.

A final reminder is to always replace whatever you’ve used before heading out on your next ride. Leave a note in your helmet or taped to your frame if you think you’ll forget. This will ensure that you always have that spare tube, patch, or emergency cash.

Rachelle Grace